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UsableNet 508/WAI Approved (v.

Numerical Addressing Space Management Team (NASM) Working Group

[Draft Charter]

Scope of Work: NASM is responsible the management of ViDeNet numerical address space. This group designs the numerical address space and supporting routing schemes, including E.164int integration, hierarchical and flat structures, with particular emphasis on the root level and top tier architectures. Of particular importance is the alignment of existing h.323 addressing to E.164-like structures, in order to prepare the way for an eventual migration toward full DNS-based dialing, ENUM and related numerical address translation schemes. This group is responsible for the allocation of ViDeNet address space to lower tier domains. In particular, the group identifies which organizations and research networks will be responsible for managing national gatekeepers. The group's operational responsibilities include the review of new ViDeNet membership requests, assignment of address space, and configuration of the top-level gatekeeper meshes. Members of this group will have root administrative access to the ViDeNet management system and all top-level gatekeepers and will ensure the integrity of data registered with ViDeNet. All address assignments made by this group are final. Architectural recommendations of this group require the support of the ViDeNet Zone Administrators.

Project Leader: Tyler Miller Johnson

Team Members and Liaison Responsibilities:

Europe and Africa
Steve Williams, UKERNA (Wales)
Victor Reijs, HEAnet (Ireland)
Bert Andre, SURFnet (Netherlands)
Egon Verharen, SURFNet (Netherlands)

North and South America, Including Internet2
Tyler Miller Johnson, University of North Carolina (US)
Tim Poe, University of North Carolina (US)
Megan Crabb, Ohio State Univesity (US) Internet2 Commons - Special Liaison
Walt Magnussen, Texas A&M University (US) Voice Over IP - Special Liaison

Australia and Asia
Stephen Kingham, AARnet (Australia)

Membership Guidelines: Project team members are appointed by the Working Group Chair. All members of this group must be zone administrators or representatives from active ViDeNet zones. Membership terms are from January 1 to December 31 of any calendar year and terminate automatically, with the option to request renewal.


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