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Uses of Videoconferencing

ViDe Videoconferencing Cookbook

One of the most frequent questions we get is "How would I use videoconferencing?" In this section we have taken several approaches to an answer. First we'll give some general idea of how videoconferencing can contribute to higher education. Next we'll zero in on a few areas that are using videoconferencing to improve or broaden their reach and service. Finally we will describe explicit case studies including those with direct ViDe member involvement.

General Uses
Specific Applications
    Judicial Applications
    Remote Laboratories
    Campus Surveillance & Security
    Emergency Response
Case Studies
    MPEG2 Teaching Impact
    Directory Enabled Middleware For Multimedia Communications
    Lewis and Clark Expedition Re-Enactment
    Global Public Health Campus Initiative
    K-12 Case Studies: Advanced Teaching and Learning Practice
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